Indigenous art at B

The hotel has received a colorful canvas hand painted by the artist Anuiá Amarücamaiurá, from Parque do Xingu, at

The artistic work of Anuiá Amarü, as he likes to be called, seeks inspiration in the collectivism, ancestry and cosmology of his people by recreating on the canvas the graphics adopted in some body paintings made with genipap in the Quarup rituals, whose main objective is to break the grief and sadness and the spread of happiness.

For the work delivered to B Hotel, Amarü painted a set of four canvases, which together form the graphic and cosmological representation of a butterfly, according to the belief of the peoples Yawalapiti e Kamayurá, ethnicity of his parents, who saw in the drawings an expression related to their natural environment, whether physical or spiritual.



Apart from the central inspiration of the work, the five colors present in the canvas painted by Amarü, represent different meanings: white portrays clouds, blue the sky and rivers, yellow butterflies, red annatto and black genipap.

The canvas painted by Amarü will join more than 100 pieces of indigenous art already present at the B Hotel, such as baskets, sculptures, paintings and decorative objects in general from the Caraja (TO), Xingu (MT), Kayapó (PA) peoples, Yanomami (AM), Guarani (RS) and others.

In addition to the work carried out for the B Hotel, Amarü's art is also present and spread throughout Brazil, including in buildings signed by Oscar Niemeyer, such as the Memorial of the Indigenous Peoples, also located in Brasília.

With the new painting painted for the B Hotel, Brasília now has 5 works made by Amarü spread throughout the city. The artist, who comes from a family of shamans and will soon become the leader of his people, started his career in 2014 and learned to paint, play the flute and build typical homes with his parents and grandparents.


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